Are you a father who has been subjected to or is being requested to submit to a penile plethysmograph test?

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Court Watch has learned this week that some CAS [Children's Aid Society] agencies in Ontario are forcing fathers to subject themselves to the draconian Penile Plethysmograph tests in which fathers must have electrodes attached to their penis while they are shown graphic pictures of pornography including child pornography. Any arousal after seeing the pictures subjects the father to removal from his family and the labelling of him as a pedophile. This flawed testing procedure has been found to be highly unreliable and has been discredited in the scientific community. Yet today, it seems to be one of the tools which CAS agencies are now using in their witch hunts to destroy good dads.

Some fathers in Ontario are being sent to the CAS's own "penis doctors", who likely because of close ties to CAS agencies will come up with results which support what the CAS wants. The taxpayers of Ontario pay these quack doctors for all this. The CAS pays for these tests using taxpayer dollars in most cases so that CAS agencies can get to choose their own quack to administer the tests. Many would say that this sounds like a great palm greasing scheme where quack doctors and unregistered CAS workers and the CAS agencies they work for all benefit financially.

All Canadians should be concerned about this. If this sort of testing is allowed to continue, you can be sure that it won't be long before these same CAS "doctors" will be coming up with a test for mothers to see if they get sexually aroused when they see pornography involving young boys. Maybe some of these so called CAS doctors should be made to take the test themselves. If you are a father who has been subjected to such a test or is being requested, then please contact Court Watch. We are gathering information about those agencies and about the doctors who administer these tests in Ontario. We want the names of doctors and copies of test results and reports from these doctors. Court Watch is looking into the possibility of lawsuits against those doctors who provide such tests which result in harm being done to a family as a result of a father being removed from his family or wrongfully being labelled as a sex offender.

source: 'Are you a father who has been subjected to or is being requested to submit to a Penile Plethysmograph test?';; Canada Court Watch; 19 July 2006