'Miss Reeny was the third person with whom I had sexual relations before the age of twelve'

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[Ike Turner, American musician:] Today they call stuff child-molesting. Well, man, there was no such thing back then. When I was a small boy, about six years old, there was a woman named Miss Boozie Owens who lived with her husband in the same neighborhood. [...] She was about forty-five, fifty years old. [...] Miss Boozie reached out her hand and pulled out my penis. Then she began squeezing it, which made it jump hard. She then leaned back across the bed with her cat at the forward edge of the mattress facing me. I was just the right height, standing there, and she inserted my penis into her cat. She placed her hands on my hips and started pulling me backwards and forwards, making my penis move in and out of her. This was the beginning of Miss Boozie teaching me what sex was all about. From then on, it became a daily routine. First I did my chores, and then received what I would call lessons. [...] The lessons consisted of five different steps. The first step was learning to push my penis in and out without letting it slip out of her. The second involved learning how to twist my ass in a clockwise motion. After a week or so she taught me the third step, which was how to twist my ass counter-clockwise, all the time making sure I didn't let my penis slip out. For the fourth step, she taught me how to roll my stomach muscles. Finally came the hard part, the fifth step. I learned how to coordinate steps two and three and perform them all simultaneously without stopping. [...] After doing this for weeks, I finally got to the point where I began actually to enjoy it, because by then I had learned to follow Miss Boozie's feelings and movements. She would be moaning and groaning, finally releasing a loud grunt, which I realize now, of course, was her reaching an orgasm. At the time, however, I had no idea what was happening to her. All I felt was a good hot feeling. [...] No one ever knew this was happening. I've found that Miss Boozie's teachings have been very helpful to me in sexual relationships with women throughout the years. [...]

A few years later, my sister, Lee Ethel Knight, used to hire a babysitter to come and stay with us whenever she went out. This girl, who we used to call Little Sister, was only about nine years old. I used to get with Little Sister and try out all the moves I had learned from Miss Boozie. I also taught her to respond to the movements in the same way that Miss Boozie did, which was great. My sister would give me 25c to pay the babysitter, but I would always keep the money because I knew that she really enjoyed the lesson I was giving her, and I just wanted to screw anyway. [...]

Another incident happened later that year. When we walked to and from school we used a smooth, well-worn pathway that cut right across the front of a row of shotgun houses. A woman named Irene Woolfolk lived in one of these, and she used to sit on her porch every afternoon as we passed by on our way home. Miss Reeny, as I called her, would sometimes send me to the store to get stuff for her as I came by. She would always give me two or three cents or some candy. [...] Miss Reeny was the third person with whom I had sexual relations before the age of twelve.

source: From the book 'Takin' Back My Name: The Confessions of Ike Turner' by Ike Turner with Nigel Cawthorne; www.consentingjuveniles.com/Case_Narrative?case=Ike_Turner; Virgin Books; 1999