Burning books - An open letter to Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Jeff Bezos (amazon.com)

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Some 10 years ago, Mr. Bezos, when amazon first began to carry my Understanding Loved Boys, there was a campaign to force you to drop the book. I wish I had kept records, but I distinctly remember you making the public statement that this book was NOT a "how to molest children" book, but a plea for reasonableness and understanding. That campaign failed, the book stayed in your catalog for some ten years, and was joined by others of mine over the years. What has changed in these last ten years, Mr. Bezos? The facts of the issues, your devotion to your previously stated principles, or your keeping a watchful eye out for any incidents of poor judgment that may be going on in the company you founded and nurtured so carefully and successfully?

German philosopher Heinrich Heine warned us 150 years ago: "where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people also." Among many fulfillments of Heine's prescient insight were the thousands of books burned by the Nazis on Berlin's Opernplatz in 1933, and the crematoriums of the 1940s.

source: Article 'Burning Books - An open letter to Anderson Cooper (Cable News Network) and Jeff Bezos (amazon.com)' by David L. "Dave" Riegel; www.shfri.net/dlr/bookburn.cgi; 2010?