'Operation Cobra': the Pagsanjan raids

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The hysteria about child "sexual abuse", generated in America over the past decade by self-serving psychiatrists, bigoted politicians, and various religious loonies, is an evil that has been spreading across the world, and some of those presently in power in The Philippines have learned quickly that local unrest about such topics as government corruption and economic mis-management can be stilled - even if only temporarily - by creating and stage-managing a media-fest concerning wicked foreigners, innocent local "children" and sex! This particular operation was like something out of American police textbooks, and it appears to have tailored for American media consumption - right down to the now-familiar biased terminology used, which called the affair a "raid on a sex ring".

source: < "Operation Cobra": The Pagsanjan Raids >; Best guide 1989/90, Eden Cross, Amsterdam; 1989