'Paedophiles should commit suicide': expert

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Javier Urra, former Children's Commissioner for Madrid, told guests at a book seminar in San Sebastián (northern Spain) how he has recommended suicide to patients of his who are recurring rapists or paedophiles. "They may have served their time but they haven't redeemed themselves or paid society back, especially if they know they're going to reoffend," Urra told journalists.

"I've got to tell some of these young people I treat 'look at yourself in the mirror, think of your future and tell me if it's worth carrying on living?" He added that he tells them "I think it is {worth carrying on living}". He also admitted that the method is "very dubious". "(It's) an ethical escape for themselves and for society. I am suggesting it".

Espido Freire, another psychologist present at the talks and head of the course "How to survive among toxic people", supported Urra's comments.

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