A question of time

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I've got to get to you first
Before they do
It's just a question of time
Before they lay their hands on you
And make you just like the rest
I've got to get to you first
It's just a question of time

Well now you're only fifteen
And you look good
I'll take you under my wing
Somebody should
They've persuasive ways
And you'll believe what they say
It's just a question of time
It's running out for you
It won't be long until you'll do
Exactly what they want you to

I can see them now
Hanging around
To mess you up
To strip you down
And have their fun
With my little one [...]

Sometimes I don't blame them
For wanting you
You look good
And they need something to do
Until I look at you
And then I condemn them
I know my kind
What goes on in our minds

source: Songtext 'A question of time' by Depeche Mode; www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/A-Question-of-Time-lyrics-Depeche-Mode/95B5E71FA474AA4B482568B70036DC98; www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5ojJP8q__8; Song from 1986