A sex offender's suicide breeds deeply mixed feelings

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A sex offender's suicide, apparently triggered by damning fliers posted in his neighborhood, breeds deeply mixed feelings in Ocala -- and a slight hint of remorse. [...]

At dawn Thursday, as the sun spilled through this woodsy Central Florida city, Chuck Claxton awoke to find his son, Clovis, 38, dead of an apparent overdose. At his son's side lay one of the lime green fliers that had been dropped into neighbors' mailboxes and pinned to nearby trees, listing Clovis Claxton as a convicted sexual offender, highlighting his address and bearing, in oversize type, the words "Child Rapist."

source: Article 'Sex offenders' by Cara Buckley; www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/11467947.htm; 23 April 2005