Actress Rae Dawn: 'Mick Jagger seduced me when I was 15'

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'Mick was very beautiful, very shy, very self-absorbed,' she [Actress Rae Dawn who had a sexual relationship with Mick Jagger at age 15] recalls. 'He had great lips, he was a great kisser. He wasn't that much older than me in my brain. He was 33 and young and gorgeous with a nice body. It wasn't a bad thing, it was fabulous. Totally rock 'n' roll. He didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do, but he was very vain, always looking in the mirror.' The age of consent at the time was 17, but Sir Mick cannot face criminal charges as the statute of limitations for reporting second-degree rape is 20 years - not that Rae Dawn would ever want him to be prosecuted.

source: Article 'Mick Jagger seduced me when I was 15: Actress Rae Dawn reveals how she spent night with Rolling Stone when she was underage and he was married to Bianca' by Katie Hind & Caroline Graham;; Daily Mail Online; 1 February 2020 (Updated: 2 February 2020)