Alfie's Home - Richard Cohen

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Alfie lives in a seemingly happy home with his parents, brother, and sister, but his father is always working and yells a lot. Uncle Pete comes to stay with them and gives Alfie attention, including unwanted sexual attention, calling it their "special secret." As Alfie grows into a teen, he is teased about being gay. Finally, he goes to a counselor who tells him he isn't gay and that he just missed his father's love and was taught wrong things by his uncle. The same man talks to Alfie's parents, they stop fighting, and Dad begins to spend time with his son playing ball and camping. Uncle Pete is also confronted, but is forgiven when he cries. Now Alfie is ready to date Nancy, whom he marries, and they have a boy and a girl whom they love a lot.

source: About the book 'Alfie's Home' by Richard Cohen;; Published by International Healing Foundation on 1 September 1993