America's war on sex - The attack on law, lust and liberty

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When our fellow citizens say they want to eliminate entertainment, fashion, medical technology, bedroom activity, and business that are "immoral" or "sinful," they are calling for a dramatic shift in American law. Such major changes in the rules of American life would bring us far closer to modern Saudi Arabia, the former Soviet Union, Taliban-era Afghanistan, and Nazi Germany. [...]

There is so much money to be made scaring the hell out of Americans about sexuality that no one on this gravy train can afford to slow it down. Any outsider who questions this juggernaut is immediately labeled insensitive, anti-family, immoral, or a pedophile. [...] But to those in power, desexualized adults are less threatening than full adults. [...]

Alternately pressured and purchased by conservative, religious, and feminist groups, the government has continuously assumed there is harm posed by the Internet, and had consistently attempted to limit this alleged harm by limiting both adults' and childrens' access to it. Not only has the alleged harm never been proven, the effectiveness of censoring the Internet in limiting this alleged has never been demonstrated. Instead, the "common sense" of one part of the community has substituted for the science they don't have and the calmness they don't have or want.

source: From the book 'America's War on Sex - The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty' by Marty Klein (Ph.D.); Foreword by Nadine Strossen (President, ACLU); Praeger, Westport, Connecticut/London; 2008; First published in 2006