An interview with Europe's premier paedophiles

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Our man Conor Creighton met up with two of the nastiest people in the world. They're paedophiles and they're proud. They really have no idea how disgusting they are. [In the introduction of the article the interviewer must always show he stands on the 'good' site...] [...] You see, Martin Uttenbogaard [Marthijn Uittenbogaard] (36) and Ricardo Hunefeld (22) are paedophiles. [...]

[Interviewer, I:] What do you do for a living, Ricardo?.
[R:] I was a Streetmaker.
[I:] Sweetmaker? Like sweets?
[R:] No streets. Bricks. I made streets and then I was fired for being a paedophile.
[I:] So your boss found out you were a paedophile, was this after you made the YouTube flick?
[R:] My boss knew it half a year before I lost my job and it was no problem. But with his girlfriend it was a problem. She found out when I went on YouTube. I went to court and the judge said that I was illegally fired so technically I'm still working for my boss but he doesn't pay me. And I couldn't get welfare either because they said I was still employed. Once I get money I can go look for other work.
[I:] Do you really think you'll get another job?
[R:] No. [I:] Why on earth did you make the video?
[R:] I wanted to be honest. I don't like secrets. [...]

[I:] Boys and girls learn it's dangerous to have sex with older people because they're too young to make a judgement on the situation and physically they're too young for sex.
[M:] I don't think you can do be too young. Everything you like, no matter what age you are, you don't stop liking as you get older. It's only indoctrination that makes people not like things or feel embarrassed by them. Like if a very young child is masturbated by a granddad, people only have problems with that when they are older because it's taboo. You never have people complaining because they were on their grandfather's lap or he hugged me. It's only when people make it a taboo. [...]
[I:] On your website it says you want to reduce the age of consent to twelve. Why stop there, why not eight or six or four years of age?
[M:] In the end we want to abolish the age of consent totally but that's only when sexual taboos have been abolished. At six years of age you think it's nice to be touched on the genitals but when you are older you think it's a bad thing and you feel it was wrong. Society has to change first.

[I:] Do you think it will change?
[R:] I don't think so.

[I:] So your situation is pretty much hopeless?
[M:] I have a different opinion. He is very sceptical, but I think it will change when people think about child sexuality as a positive thing. Right now they see it as a bad thing. When they see it as not damaging their life, then it will be possible.
[I:] What benefits do you think a child can get from a sexual relationship with an adult?
[M:] I think there are a lot. They learn not to be afraid of strangers. Most strangers aren't bad guys. The traffic is much more dangerous than the chance people will do something to you. People are now afraid to hug children, especially men. People only know their parents or children, not adults who are on an emotional level with them. They say that all paedophiles rape children but that's not the case. [...]

[I:] Okay, I'm looking around your room here and I see lots of children's DVDs, toys, stuffed animals and a Millennium Falcon. Are you guys just big kids yourselves?
[R:] Paedophiles are on the same level as children. That's why they are more capable of knowing what's going on with children.

source: Article 'An Interview with Europe's Premier Paedophiles' by Conor Creighton;;; 15 January 2009