Are women pedophiles too?

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Ms [Hannie] Boidin [chairwoman of the NVSH pedophilia workgroup in Utrecht]: "there is a specific fear of the big man and the little girl. Thoughts immediately go to fucking, it's the only thing many people know about. Furthermore sexuality is often seen as an instinctive drive which primarily men are governed by. Men will therefore do anything to get satisfaction." This romanticized view, that sexuality is stronger than you, frequently offers men all sorts of excuses to deny their responsibility for raping women. Pedophiles are not offered such excuses. Worse, rather than for what actually happens, pedophiles are (pre)judged for what is thought to happen: childmolesting! Many people can't/won't imagine that a child and an adult can physically enjoy each other without fucking. This has everything to do with the enormous taboo which is woven around sexuality. Sexuality for reproduction is a must, and furthermore it is something which can't be 'helped'. It is also beautiful and holy, but you can't talk about it, or the beauty will disappear. Other forms of sexuality are 'sin' (especially for men) or 'don't exist' (especially for women).

source: Article 'Are women pedophiles too?' by Truus van Bueren; Translation: Sylvia Borren;; Taken from the discussion paper 'Paedophilia'; Paper to the second annual conference of the International Gay Association; Barcelona: 5-7 April 1980