Child porn laws aren't as bad as you think - They're much, much worse

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When this court case was going on in Sweden, and particularly after the first verdict, several comics artists in Sweden started drawing 17-year-olds having sex, as realistically as possible but still in a comic fashion, and publishing them, intentionally breaking the law in sympathy with this manga translator and comics fan who had been convicted. Unfortunately, I can't link to them, as they have not been explicitly cleared in a court of law, as that could put me on the censorship list, and I want this article to stay visible. Yes, you read that right. In the Nordic countries, there is a secret censorship list maintained by the police that most ISPs follow about which domains you're not allowed to visit. It's supposed to be strictly CAI only, but has been found to be less than 1% such material, 9 out of 1047 censored domains: in reality, once leaked, it was discovered to be mostly ordinary porn with age certs and all, but also completely unrelated sites like Bonsai gardening that's on the list of censored sites (

source: Article 'Child Porn Laws Aren't As Bad As You Think. They're Much, Much Worse.' by Rick Falkvinge (founder of the first Pirate Party);; Falkvinge on Infopolicy; 11 September 2012