Cleaning the net a growing business

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Swedish tech company Knowit recently partnered with blocking experts Netclean to help companies combat the spread of "child sexual abuse" images on their networks. [...] Does Netclean have a special license to watch "child sexual abuse images"? "We do not handle abuse material, as only the police is allowed to do that", Communication Manager Anna Creutz told The Lover. "Our technology works with hash sums, generated from images which the police has classified as illegal, and it is those hash sums (that is, numbers) that we have in our database", she continued. [...] In 2014 they [Netclean] made headlines after it was revealed that they had sold their technology to the Turkish government, which will use it to identify, track and block illicit material, namely government criticism. The Turkish deal was worth 40 million euros for Netclean.

source: Article 'Cleaning the net a growing business' by Karl Andersson; The Lover, Issue 03; Summer 2016