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Interview by: Marthijn Uittenbogaard

Many people, attracted to children, are active online, on Twitter, or on a boy love or a girl love forum, or on other internet communities. I thought it a good idea to interview these people, if they want to. If this will become a huge series of interviews or not, depends on the people willing to be interviewed by me. I do hope that both the persons interviewed as the people reading this interview will like the questions and answers.

Ed Chambers is a man from the UK. He was born in Leicestershire, England, but now he lives in a town in Scotland. He is one of the few people that came out of the closet as someone with a sexual preference for children. He appeared in two documentaries, both broad-casted on television.

Here's the interview I had with him.

Ed Chambers

First I like to thank you for your willingness to be interviewed by me. Let me start with asking about your childhood. Did you have a happy childhood? Did you like going to school? You are from the United Kingdom: did you have to wear school uniforms? Was the school system authoritarian or not?

Thanks for the opportunity Marthijn. My childhood was quite mixed. On the one hand, I never wanted for material things, perhaps I was even spoilt a little, but that doesn't mean I had the autonomy I would've liked. I couldn't choose my own clothes until my mid teens for example, that was done for me. I was also bullied quite a lot. I was good at sport, and academical studies, so this made me quite unpopular. The early school I went to didn't really encourage people to excel, such was the system at the time. My secondary school was private, and here they did encourage you to shine, but it was also a very oppressive environment. On the whole, it was not a happy time.

You came out as a so called pedophile in the documentary I, Pedophile (2016). How did your friends and your family respond to this? What do you think of the documentary and how it was received?

I first appeared on tv in The Paedophile Next Door on UK tv in 2014. I had planned to be in Berlin when it was released, attending the Dunkelfeld Project. It didn't quite work out as planned and I had to leave Berlin in April 2015. I moved to North Cyprus and lived there, working on a farm as a driver for a year. Trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, it was tough, seven days per week. I think in one year, I had 12 days off, most of them were used up when I was flown to Toronto to take part in the filming for I, Pedophile, a Canadian production. When I left North Cyprus in May 2016, I flew to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, where I lived for four months but ran out of money. I returned to the UK in October 2016.

A boy of eighteen years old, a young man, comes to you. 'I want to talk with you.' 'I don't know how to say this, but... well I'm also like you, I like children.' How do you respond? What advice will you give to him?

One has to be very careful in this day to trust people unfortunately, but if one were to take the boy at his word, I'd be quite honest with him about the realities of living as a MAP [minor attracted person] in these times. The temptation to do things that should be legal, but aren't, is ever present. Even more important is the need to be careful who one tells about our sexuality. I made that mistake myself when I was 26, so I'd want to see that he doesn't make the same mistakes I did. The last thing he needs is to see a therapist of any sort. Mental Health Professionals are simply not up to the task to deal with paedosexuality. I think the best advice to offer him is to accept it. To embrace it and enjoy life. Just stay free and anonymous.

'No sex please, we're British.' Does this sums up how the UK handles sex? Sex scandals in the tabloids. Did you get any sex education at school? I remember that in The Netherlands we heard I Want Your Sex by George Michael on the radio. And Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. After playing these kind of songs, they always used to say: in the UK they censor these songs (and/or music videos). What is today's UK situation regarding sexuality in your opinion?

I remember Relax being banned, and I hadn't the faintest clue why at the time. I love that song, and it's mixes when it was re-released in the early 90s. I think it's all rather sad to be fair as unfortunately a lot of the stereotypes the Europeans have of the British are true. Although we would prefer to think of ourselves as progressive, I think we are quite regressive on issues to do with sexuality. The general idea, somewhere along the way, is that sex should eventually lead to playing happy families one way or another as it leads to more social stability. I would argue that it creates an atmosphere of paranoia and mistrust, as people are fearful of appearing to be some sort of malefactor, which may lead to being ostracised, or some sort of social leprosy. I don't think that men and women, or adults in general, were designed to live together that way, for the sake of child rearing. It's a social construct that we would be better of disregarding.

Did you vote leave or stay?

I was in Bishkek at the time, and I'd been away from the country for two years by then. Trump was elected, and there was a mandate dictating we should leave the EU. I thought the whole Anglosphere had turned a corner and lost any last remnants of sanity. I was in disbelief, and still have difficulty believing there are people wanting to leave the EU. The Trump administration is an enormous concern.

Do you believe things would be better if Hillary Clinton was elected as president of the USA?

I think one of the reasons Trump was elected, Russian interference aside, was because Clinton was such a weak candidate. I was all for a female President, and was disappointed she didn't get in, however she would've turned out to be just as bad a President as Trump, but for different reasons. It simply points to how poor American politics is at the moment.

Humanity is evolving. Darwinism. Maybe, in the future, we can make babies outside our bodies. With all the love and care, we and or machines can provide to them, but outside a woman's body. In that case sex is only for fun, and not for reproduction anymore. When we can put all our DNA in cells without using sperm and egg cells anymore, then why should the human race have sex? Do do think it is possible that we will evolve into organisms where all sex drive will be gone? And if so, is that a good or a bad thing?

Humanity will cease to be human if that day arrives. It is not far away, these things are perhaps even possible now. Whether or not this is a good thing is debatable. On the one hand, genetic engineering can eradicate things like cancer, and harmful abnormalities that create needless struggles for people. On the other hand, the variety we find in the human species is one of the things that makes us special. The idea of having some sort of progeny system similar to what we see in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is a genuine nightmare, and for that kind of power to be in the hands of a few is in short the wrong way forward for humanity. I'd much rather that sort of power be in the hands of the average man and woman. In fact, I'd prefer developments in sexual expression to advance in the opposite way, with sexual liberation on a scale we've not seen before. The AOC [age of consent] laws need to be reformed, and used only as a guideline, not as a strict set of rules to be adhered to by everyone.

The extremely strong rejection of pedosexuality in our society; do you think that this force is largely driven by our wish to protect children, or do you think other forces are at play also?

I think it's largely driven by a fear of allowing children autonomy. By restricting children's knowledge of sexuality and prohibiting them from sexual activity, society is able to control them more easily, and in turn develop them into adults who are more susceptible to control within the system when they become adults. I think a large part of the restrictions on IGRs (inter-generational relationships) is caused by the thinking that children are better raised within family groups, instead of a more liberal, open structure where they are more free to choose which directions to take in life and with whom. It's all a part of the thinking within governments, with a means to take maximum control over it's subjects. By giving adults autonomy over their progeny for ever increasing periods of 'childhood', the governments are owed subservience by said adults. It's an ever increasing vicious circle of control.

Is the only the governments? They are elected by the people.

Of course, but if Politicians were concerned with facts on issues to do with Paedosexuality and child liberation, we'd see reformation on Age of Consent, and a more pragmatic, child orientated approach towards IGRs. The people simply want to be seen to be doing right, according to puritanical tradition, by controlling their children's behaviour in ways they simply should not be allowed to do, and accordingly the government reinforces this self serving vicious cycle.

If there were no laws at all, and you lived on the planet as the only adult with lots of children around you. 'I wonder if you can,' (Imagine - John Lennon). Do you think you would make these children happy? Do you think they would like you? Would you be the leader? Would you try to treat all kids the same? Would you set some rules? Or do you think it would turn out like in the movie (and book) Lord of the Flies?

Inevitably, I would end up having my favourites, but I'm sure that this would be a result of their wilful and voluntary interactions with me, not my coercion or manipulation. I'm very liberal in my interactions with children, although this has not happened for many years now owing to the repressive systems in operation in the UK. As for being the leader, well perhaps in as far as having more advice to offer as a result of my greater experience of life as we now know it, but not really much else in this respect. The Lord of the Flies is quite a scary concept, nevertheless a pretty accurate analogy of humanity acting on a base level. In this respect, I'd probably ask that everyone treat others with the same respect as they would hope to be treated with. In today's world, this kind of respect often doesn't apply to children. They are often treated as second or third class citizens under the guise of protecting them.

Are you happy? Is there something you miss in life? Did you think as a child life would be better or worse as an adult?

Of course, I'd like to be in a loving, reciprocal relationship with someone in my aoa [age of attraction]. Not just for romance, and perhaps physical love, but to help them grow, explore life in a way that society doesn't allow young people to do in these times. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is a wonderful thing, as they are free of indoctrination. Growing up and discovering the realities of adult life is a difficult thing, particularly when so many customs we take for granted as the norm are perverse in relation to how a child would prefer these things to be. Helping a person navigate through this so that they remain intact as a person, true to themselves, would be something I'd love to do.

Many people find it important to know what your sexual orientation is. Straight, gay, bi or pedophile. And people attracted to children, want to know if you like girls, boys or both. I met some so called boy-lovers that almost hated girl-lovers. 'We have nothing in common, that's totally different?' What is you view on this matter?

There is far too much emphasis on this in our community. Pro consent, anti contact, bl, gl, NOMAP [non offending minor attracted person]. It's something we should try to move away from. It's simply another means to control people, essentially by rating them as people according to how different they are from a pre conceived normality. Traditionally, if you were gay, that was way too far a deviation from the norm of heterosexual. As you know it was considered a disease, a mental illness. Now, it's accepted as it should be. Unfortunately, in the process of this acceptance, LGBT+ etc has become yet another tool in the systems arsenal to control people.

Is sex overrated?

These things ebb and flow. If someone is thinking sex is overrated, then perhaps they need a new partner, or to understand what it is that will make them feel happy in this regard. It's like drinking tea, and some cuppas are better than others. It's also good to have strong chai in the morning, Earl Grey in the afternoon, and Camomile in the evening. If society weren't so regimented in this regard, multiple partners of differing ages would be an ideal normality for everyone. The world would be a better place.

Is love and friendship underrated?

It depends on definition and being able to be completely honest about who you are as a person, and what your needs are. If you can be utterly honest with someone about the most intimate thoughts and feelings you have, and they understand, accept and love you, that's probably the best form of friendship or relationship one can ever experience.

How do you see the future for yourself? And what about your present situation?

I want to see myself as part of a greater MAP community that grows together and becomes stronger, with differing groups accepting each others differences and viewpoints. It is only through this unity we will gain acceptance. If I can help to facilitate that, it'd be great, but I'm also aware that I have to concentrate on what I can do, and not what I'd like to do. So, my present situation is about concentrating on my own life in order to offer what I can to the community.

Wat is the difference between a child and an adult? Are these differences minor ones or not? Or does it depend on the specific child or adult?

Of course there are physiological differences between a 9yo and a 29yo, but their personality is essentially the same through out life. The issue of age relates to the experience one has in life, and ability to navigate through life as a result of these experiences. The more experience one has, the greater one's ability to express oneself, so there should never be any reason to limit the potential for this experience simply because someone is considered to be too young.

What about the argument that the brains have not fully developed until age 20 or so?

Brains are constantly in development, I don't believe this stops at a certain age. We change every single day of our lives, and like the AOC laws, we shouldn't be slapping arbitrary age limits on this and that for the fear that something bad may happen.

What is the latest book you read?

A text book, there's little point in giving you the title as it's very dry. However, I think the last book I read of personal interest to me was written by Anaïs Nin. It's a collection of short stories.

Some people will read this interview. Some on the day it is published online. Some years later, some people maybe centuries after we died, who knows. Is there something you like to say to them to think about? And what would be your message to children (including, maybe, all the alien children)?

We're all different. To a greater degree, we do not choose who we are, we can only manage with the cards we're dealt. As far as sex and sexuality is concerned, society appears to have hit the buffers, and for now appears to be quite content with things not progressing further. This part of the evolution of the species needs to continue, it never stops. It needs to include everyone, not just those who those who fit into a stereotype that is accepted by majority consensus. For the children, I'd say they should be brave and live how they want to live, even if it means people don't like them for it. For the alien children? Lol [laughing out loud]. I'd probably ask them if they've ever tried drinking tea.

source: Interview 'Community Interviews 1: Ed Chambers' by Marthijn Uittenbogaard;; &; 12 March 2019