Denmark to declassify being transgender as mental disorder

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Denmark will next year declassify "being transgender" as a mental illness, lawmakers from the parliament health committee have announced. "It is completely inappropriate to call it a sickness," the committee's deputy chairman Flemming Moller Mortensen said on Tuesday. "There is a longstanding wish from the trans community in Denmark to have it removed" from the health ministry's clinical guidelines on illnesses, he added.

The move, which would come into force on 1 January, is also intended to put pressure on the World Health Organisation (WHO), which has yet to remove transsexualism from its list of mental disorders. [...] Amnesty International hailed the Danish decision, saying it made Denmark "a role model for transgendered people's rights".

source: Article 'Denmark to declassify being transgender as mental disorder';; The Guardian (their source: Agence France-Presse); 1 June 2016