Does repression cause violence?

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[Quote from the book 'Cosmos', 1980, by Carl Sagan:] Mammals characteristically nuzzle, fondle, hug, caress, pet, groom and love their young, behavior essentially unknown among the reptiles. If it is really true that the R-complex (reptilian brain) and limbic systems (mammalian brain) live in an uneasy truce within our skulls and still partake of their ancient predilections, we might expect affectionate parental indulgence to encourage our mammalian natures, and the absence of physical affection to prod reptilian behavior. There is some evidence that this is the case... [end of quote]

Although the commission's own sociologists could not show a link between porn and criminal behavior, the Meese report based its final recommendations on the belief that pornography causes violence. This is a comfortable myth. The truth is more complex. James W. Prescott is a developmental neuropsychologist who has done research on the causes and prevention of depression, violence and substance abuse. He was formerly affiliated with the Department of Health and Human Services. Prescott turns the conclusions of the Meese commission on its head, for he believes that sexually permissive societies are healthy and sexually repressive ones are dangerously unhealthy. His research, reported in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and The Humanist, shows that societies that practice sexual taboos are characterized by violence and crime. [...]

Now, while violent criminals get out jail early, the reptiles are arresting the producers of X-rated films you see in your video store every day. The reptiles are banning books and censoring rock lyrics. They have succeeded, thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, in criminalizing homosexual sodomy.

source: Article 'Does Repression Cause Violence?'; Playboy; May 1987