Dutch paedophile club to fight their ban at the European Court of Human Rights

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The Dutch paedophile society Vereniging MARTIJN is planning to appeal their case at the European Court of Human Rights after being banned by the Supreme Court of The Netherlands last April. [...]

Vereniging MARTIJN has been advocating legal and social acceptance of sexual relations between adults and children in the Netherlands since 1982, actively seeking a platform for their ideas through engaging the press and initiating political discourse on the topic. [...]

Gerard Spong, Vereniging MARTIJN 's lawyer, has announced that the association will be taking their case to the European Court of Human Rights in the hope of getting this verdict overturned. His law firm believes that the ban impeaches on the freedom of speech of the society's members. [...]

They [MARTIJN] received heavy criticism for voicing the opinion that "mutually pleasurable" sexual relationships between adults and children are not damaging, and should be socially acceptable. [...]

Following the latest verdict by the Supreme Court, various Dutch politicians warned that the ban would not make the problem of sexual abuse go away. D66's Magda Berndsen said: "We'll have to keep track of what the former members of the society do next."

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