Gestapette's comeback

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At the time of "Les Moins de seize ans," I believed that our fight for the reform of the penal code was going to render love between young and old less perilous and even change the hateful regard in which society holds what it has agreed to call "pedophilia". I imagined that the strength of my arguments would find a way to convince the most reticent of our adversaries, that our books, our articles, our petitions and our eloquence would end with the triumph of reason and sanity in that hysterical quarrel. Now, and I admit it, I have become disillusioned. In 1982, there was the Coral Affair, in which an official, a bureaucrat, tried to dishonor us, René Schérer and myself. In 1986, my love for a 14-year-old girl, Vanessa, earned me an unprecedented wave of hatred and jealousy. [...]

Some months after the appearance of that article, René Schérer, Guy Hocquenghem, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, a lawyer friend named Alexander Rozier, and myself addressed an open letter to the Commission For The Reform Of The Penal Code in which we asked for the abolition of that iniquitous law as well as for legislative texts governing the love between young and old. [...]

That such individuals as George Bush, John-Paul II, and Khomeini can galvanize crowds proves that anything is possible, and especially the worst. If that bloodsoaked fool Schwarzkopf is so popular in the US, why shouldn't Senator Jolibois be equally so in France? In Kuwait, as in the Luxembourg Gardens, Gestapette is making a comeback.

About the proposal to raise the age of consent for homosexual relations to 18 from the present age of 15 (uniform for homo- and hetero- sex).

source: Article 'Gestapette's Comeback' by Gabriel Matzneff; NAMBLA Bulletin Vol.12 No. 6; July-August 1991