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Because the prohibition that strikes a blow against pederasty is a simple corollary to the one in this country that condemns both homosexuality and the sexuality of minors, it's also a corollary of the law that gives parents the ownership and exclusive utilization of their progeny. If the pedophile is the object of the most violent repression, the fiercest condemnation, it's because he violates these three assumptions that are at the basis of our entire sexual order. Consequently, those homosexuals who want to win acceptance exonerate themselves from being pederasts and denounce them as the only "real" perverts; adolescents who want the right to love solemnly vow to interest themselves only in conjugal pleasures; and as for the parents, they're prohibiting incest or at least getting credited for it in advance. [...] The pedophile goes beyond being simply a pervert, a squanderer: he's the father's rival. Nothing is closer to the Order, and it has no greater enemy, hardly have we mentioned the pedophile before we're already dissecting the parent-child relationship. [...]

And "liberalism" in terms of sexual information is exactly that. They hold onto the keys of freedom, they're going to sell them to you, and the lock as a bonus: with all that, buckle up well. Yes, a key closes, and a key opens. They give us one for opening and explain to us which direction to turn it in - watch out, the other direction could be dangerous for you. But the direction that's allowed is the one that closes. It's not about sexual freedom without instructions for suppressing it. [...]

It [sex education] binds children and adolescents to obedience, to chastity, to blind respect and to believing that the family model of their existence is natural and eternal. It holds out to them the faraway hope of having (sinister verb) their own children. It prepares these future parents for inflicting on babies thus obtained the same fate of their child-objects that are being tortured or caressed, twisted, mentally destroyed. And this entire little world will grow up, become like the good adults - antisocial, rigid, frustrated, intolerant, obsessed with privatization, ownership, power. Precisely those adults who police and exploit this society in which pleasure is "illusory and bitter."

source: From the book 'Good Sex Illustrated' by Tony Duvert; Translated by Bruce Benderson; Semiotext(e); The publication of this book was supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, New York; First edition (French): 1974; This edition: 2007