Hey Miss Addy

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They all like hey Miss Addy
Don't you know your so fine
You like my favorite camp councilor when it's summer time
They be like 123
I hope you pick me, pick me
Hi Miss Addy
Hey Miss Addy
Don't you waste no more time
See what you needs a real man
Not some lame older guy
They be like 123
I hope you pick me pick me
Hi Miss Addy

I ain't looking for a guy
All this attention
Got me super annoyed and I'm
At work tryna watch the kids
Oh please don't (ugh)
Here he comes again
Oh thanks... just what I need
A whole bouquet, wow that's so sweet
How can I make him leave?
Maybe if burp, he might like that sorta thing
How sweet, another rose
It'll go with the pile that I have at home
Oh look, johnny hurt his knee
I'd love to chat, but I think he needs me
Poor thing, I'm on my way
Got to make sure
You're A - Okay
All better now
You go and play
I just wish he would go away

[Repeat refrain]

These days these boys crush a lot
Tryna fight it out like they got a shot, they like
"Watch this - I've got a plan
To sabotage this lame. old. man.
"Little brats tryna mess me up
When I get through, they won't be so tough"
Meanwhile, she's over there
Texting her friends, so unaware
Oscar, let's slow it down
We don't throw rocks, put it on the ground
It's comedy how she doesn't know
We bring her lunch and then watch the show
5 bucks those kids will win
No better yet, let's make it 10
It's going down
It's heating up
Poor addy - these boys won't give up

[Repeat refrain]

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