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Introduction / Financial report 1993 (p. 2)

Report of the 7th IPCE meeting July 1993 (p. 3)

Discussion themes (p. 8)

Postscript and appointments (p. 14)

Newly revised criteria and reflections (p. 15)

Commentary on the discussion papers (p. 17)

New Zealand (p. 18)

NAMBLA & Martijn in trouble with ILGA (p. 24)

Explanatory note (ILGA) (p. 25)

Statement on protection of children (ILGA) (p. 28)

Letters to ILGA (BVH, VSG, Martijn) (p. 30)

The Netherlands, Amsterdam (p. 33)

Asylum and extradition in The Netherlands (p. 34)

Deutschland (p. 39)

Nouvelles de France (p. 55)

La situation au Japon (p. 57)

Doubting children's evidence, New York (p. 58)

Documentation service NVSH, LWG, JORis (p. 59)

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-10

source: IPCE Newsletter, Number 1, Year 6; Winter 1994