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In memoriam: four elderly men (Brongersma, Nieters, Frankl, Miller) (p. 4)

Listen to three young men (Spike, David, Manzie) (p. 7)

In memoriam: Edward Werner (11 years old) (p. 11)

Recent discussion about IPCE: Discussion and proposals (p. 14)

Bericht über ein ungewöhnliches experiment, by Dr. Frits Bernard (p. 23)

UK: The treatment of imprisoned sex offenders (SOTP Report) (p. 27)

Pedophila The Last Taboo, from Mensual, Spain's Gay Magazin (p. 33)

Reports from the Barcelona conference (p. 35)

Consent and playing with marbles, by Bill Andriette (p. 37)

Paraphilias and Therapy, by Agner Fog, Nordisk Sexulologi, 1992 (p. 44)

The sexual experience of young people, by Dr. A.X. van Naerssen (p. 49)

About 'pedophilia' as a concept, summary, by Dr, Frans Gieles (p. 53)

The work of Dr. Michael Bauermann & others, an overview (p. 55)

and more

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-15

source: IPCE Newsletter E-3; September 1998