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Principles of non-violent warfare (p. 3)

The Hegelian principle - by Ray Thomas (p. 5)

Are we teaching our kids to be fearful of men? (p. 12)

Peter Pan(ic): is it a paedophile nightmare, or an innocent tale? - by Richard Morrison (p. 17)

How the NSPCC faked child abuse stories to generate cash (p. 23)

Recidivism studies expose fraud (p. 24)

Failure to protect - America's sexual predator laws and the rise of the preventive state (p. 29)

Call to reduce the age of consent to 14 - Kevin Schofield (p. 30)

Sexual Abuse in childhood and sexual dysfunction in adulthood (p. 31)

and more

Newsletter as pdf-file: IPCE-35

source: IPCE Newsletter E23; September 2007