I want to express my outrage

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Dear Friends

I am a prisoner in Ohio, and I want to express my outrage at the recent arrest of Chris Farrell. Being a prisoner I truly say I know what Chris is going through. In 1985 I was arrested and later convicted for having consensual sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy. At the time, I was 19, but none of this mattered in the end. Society has such narrow minded ideas about homosexuality and man/ boy relations. Here I sit, still brokenhearted at the forced loss of the boy I loved and the boy who loved me. We weren't hurting anyone! If one of us had been a girl it would have been acceptable, but society says I can't feel the way I do, or that the boy who loves me is not allowed! Well they are wrong, and I will always be who I am. My heart goes out to you, Chris. Stay strong. You are not alone.

A Friend Who Cares

source: Letter by 'D.A.L.'; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol 11, n. 6; September 1990