If you're with VP and B4Uact you're no friend to any pedophile

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There's no way around it -- if you're with VP and B4Uact, if you support them, you're no friend to any pedophile. Not even yourself. These people: Frits Bernard, Tom O'Carroll, Edward Brongersma, Theo Sandfort, Gayle Rubin are the kinds that a self-respecting pedophile would associate with -- or that a self-loathing pedophile could learn better from -- and the NVSH and COC as organisations ultimately have much more humane and tolerant visions for sexuality. Free of guilt, shame and fear which is all VP and the likes will maintain. The specifically pedophilia focused NAMBLA, PIE, MARTIJN etc. were feared and had to be stopped because they really were about freedom.

source: 'Re: my take on the whole VP thing' by 'Bigboatsmall'; www.boychat.org/messages/1486156.htm; Boychat; 25 September 2016