Interview of Jessi Slaughter, now a boy named Damien

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[Damien Slaughter:] Nowadays people tend to think that ten- and eleven-year-olds are innocent. And that if you're in fifth grade you rather have an innocent mind. That is actually not quite true that I have seen nowadays. A lot of kids younger and younger being exposed to things and they are learning a lot more which is kinda dangerous.

[Interviewer:] So there are nude photos of you out on the internet now yeah? [Slaughter:] There are a few, they were taken by my ex and it just, it was... that was a bad experience again. I was dating him, for a while, and he decided oh can I come down to Florida and visit you. And I was sure and he did and when he did things happened and those pictures were taken and then they ended up on the internet, without me even knowing and he apparently posted them and that was in my opinion really really rude. I know we broke up but is that really necessary?

[Interviewer:] How old is your ex? [Slaughter:] He was fifteen at the time, he's like nineteen now? He was fifteen and I was twelve. Sixteen when I was thirteen. He's like seventeen now. Turning eighteen in like a week.

[Interviewer:] It still is kinda creepy though, yeah. [Slaughter:] Yeah. Well, I guess it was creepy at the time, but somehow I have noticed is in these societies that we live in - unfortunately - age gap, large age gaps, even small age gaps are [difficult to hear]. And I think it is a bit of bullshit because like what's the problem. I understand that sometimes, not just sometimes, but there's a good chance that an older guy would take advantage of somebody younger or you know. Something like that happening but at the same time I really don't think age should determine maturity cause, you know, just think. All our age is is the number of time we rolled hitting around the sun. Not the number of lessons we learned. So I think that age gaps - at least for me - don't mean a lot. The guy who I am sort of, you know... He's like 39 and I don't see a problem with that. I understand why people are so cautious of age gaps, at the same time I think it's quite pathetic that people would judge how much we know about the number of times we [rolled?] around the sun.

[Interviewer:] You just said that you are involved in a relationship with a guy who is 39. [Slaughter:] It's not really a relationship. It's extremely one-sided but, yeah, the guy he's 39.

[Interviewer:] What do you mean one-side. One sides on your end or one-sided on his end? [Slaughter:] One sided on my end. A lot of people weight maturity with age. A lot of fourteen-year-olds are very very stupid but at the same time it can be hurtful [difficult to understand]. Oh my god that's so wrong. Little do they know that I throw things on him you know. It's not him completely using me it's more me being weird on him. People tend to also sexualize relationships between people with large age gaps even if there's nothing going on in that way. For some reason their mind automatically goes to that. I have noticed with Christians and gay people their mind automatically goes to sex. They don't think of anything else. They don't think of to a watch a consul[?] together. Or they don't think of eating dinner. They don't think of cleaning the house. They automatically think that they have sex all the time, which is not the case in most relationships. Just because the relationship has different aspects, like one's young and one is older or about the same gender or anything, doesn't mean that it's any different from yours except we may like different music. A lot of people tend to forget that. It's kind of psychy but... I understand why. They are curious about it and instead of judging upon that they should probably... just ask, just ask. It's better then passing a rude judge on somebody. Judging something is O.K. If we wouldn't judge anything then we wouldn't have opinions on anything. But immediately jumping to a conclusion about something is not O.K.

source: Interview of Jessi Slaughter, now a boy named Damien (transcript);; NewMediaRockstars; Placed on Youtube: 8 February 2013