Intrique aplenty in Doucé murder

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In an interview with Gai Pied, [Jean-Marc] Dufourg claimed, "I am innocent {of [Joseph] Doucé's [a gay Baptist activist for pedophiles and other sexual minorities] murder}, and I am going to prove it." Asked for his scenario for the murder, Dufourg replied: "Someone had come into possession of photos involving very young boys and a person very close to power; in fact, so close to the President of the Republic that any scandal could cause the fall of the President, even though he wasn't involved in any way with it." [...] I know who ordered Doucé picked up," Dufourg continued, "and I know who did the killing. I just don't have enough to nail them. Yet."

source: Article 'Intrique Aplenty in Doucé Murder - One year later, there are no suspects, but no lack of allegations'; NAMBLA Bulletin Vol. 12 No. 6; July-August 1991