Italian peds are fighting back

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On November 3, 1989, a group of Italian pedophiles, in informal existence for almost a year, won legal recognition under the name of Gruppo P. Legal registry gives the group certain practical advantages in Italy, including eligibility for a post office box to receive mail. [...]

Thus Italy has joined the growing number of European countries where active political movements of pedophiles are a reality [...]: Belgium with Studiegroep Pedofilie, Dokumentatiedienst Pedofilie and Stiekum; Denmark with Paedopfilgrupp; France with GRED; Germany with AG Kindersexualität/Paedophilie and PadoGruppe; Sweden with Padofila Arbetsgruppen; Switzerland with Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe Padophilie X and the Netherlands with Martijn and Landelijke Werkgroep Pedofilie. The Netherlands, Belgium, united Germany and Denmark all have local working groups as well, small but on the grass-roots level, too numerous to list.

Surprising is the absence of Spain, a country with an otherwise developed gay consciousness movement. Lamentable is the absence of Great Britain, presently under the talon of Margaret Thatcher. The early English group PIE (Paedophile Information Exchange) proved too successful to be left in peace. It was eventually destroyed by the reactionary government in a wave of public hysteria. In the North American continent there is NAMBLA, active for more than 11 years with a worldwide membership and distribution of publications.

source: Article 'Italian Peds Are Fighting Back' by Francesco Vallini & Renato Corazza; NAMBLA Bulletin, vol. 11, n. 3; April 1990