Japanese songs: Lolita Complex and Chuu Chuu Lovely

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For anybody who wants loli-lyrics straight from Japan, the heavy metal band Fast Draw had a song simply titled "Lolita Complex" on their 1987 album, the lyrics of which I've taken the liberty of translating:

"I lo-lo-love unripe fruit
I’m tired of mature women!
Fight! Fight! Take off that school uniform
Fight! Fight! Tear away those printed panties

I lo-lo-love small breasts
I cry out, 'I'm getting bigger'
Fight! Fight! From top to bottom
Fight! Fight! Restlessly licking and licking

I lo-lo-love hairless girls
Drool flowing from my smiling mouth
Fight! Fight! With an open stride
Fight! Fight! The goal has entered my sight

Lolita complex
Old man's pink sigh
Lolita complex
Pink sigh paradise"

The only other Japanese song I can think of off the top of my head that has loli-lyrics is a Maximum the Hormone song called "Chuu Chuu Lovely," which includes the lyrics:

"A college student would be good, a high-schooler would be good, a middle-school student would also be good
An elementary-schooler would be good, especially if they’re tantalizing, even a kindergarten would be fine"

[Last edit: 19 April 2019. 'Peace' mailed me that "I love whiteboard girls" should be "I love hairless girls". His understanding of the Japanese language improved over time.]

source: Commend made by 'Peace'; tomocarroll.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/does-moe-mean-less-as-japan-moves-on/; Heretic TOC; 23 October 2016