Kian Lawley is gorgeous!

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Fact one: my name is Braeden Lange - b, r, a, e, d, e, n, l, a, n, g, e - and I'm going the seventh grade. It's about August right now and so the school is coming up. [...] Fact number four: I'm gay. This may come as a shock to the people who are watching this video and just who... I'm gay; I came out February 8th, 2015; and yeah. So fact number five: I am a huge fan boy over O2L. If you don't know who they are then you can leave. Leave my channel and never come back. O2L is my life. Yeah, it's like Connor Franta, he's the gay one and he came out September 8th 2015 and he is basically the main reason I came out, because he came out two months before I did and he gave me the courage to come out. And yeah. But my two favourite people in O2L are Kian [Lawley] and Connor. They are my two favourites because Kian is so funny and he makes me smile whenever I'm down and - newsflash: he's gorgeous!

source: Video 'whats up doods???' by Braeden Lange;; Youtube; 17 August 2015