Lemon incest

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"Lemon Incest" is a song written, composed and performed by Serge Gainsbourg in duet with his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. Recorded in 1984, the song was released as a single from Gainsbourg's album Love on the Beat in 1985. It is also available on Charlotte's 1986 album Charlotte for Ever. Deemed as controversial at the time, the song achieved success in France [number 2 in the charts]. [...]

The music video shows Gainsbourg, shirtless and in jeans, and Charlotte, wearing a shirt and panties, lying on a bed. This song has caused a scandal as it was accused of glamorising paedophilia and incest. Charlotte, who then was twelve, sings ambiguous lyrics seeming to refer to a physical love between an adult and a child.

source: 'Lemon Incest'; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_Incest; Taken from Wiki: 29 August 2011; Song from: 1984