Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement

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LGFM [Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement] is a movement to bring anarchist ideas and ideals to lesbians, gays and bisexuals, and to make sexuality a major campaigning issue for all anarchists. We believe that we will never achieve real lasting lesbian and gay liberation without the overthrow of all governments and laws which oppress and exploit us.

We want:

  • - Sexuality freedom for all ages.
  • - Freedom from oppressive laws, eg 'age of consent'.
  • - Freedom from political party control and trade union leaders.
  • - Freedom from sexual harassment and violence of all kinds.
  • - Freedom to control our own lives.

We support:

  • - Oppressed sexualities including transageuals, S&Mers and Transvestites.
  • - People in prison, 'care', or trapped in a nuclear family.
  • - Isolated and lonely lesbians, gays and bisexuals, and those just 'coming out'.

source: Pamphlet 'Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement'; London; LGFM started: April 1989