My son's story

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Three years ago my ten-year-old son was taken from his home by the department of health and welfare. The reason for this was that my son suffers from Asperger's syndrome and was having problems adapting to the public school system. As I was fooled into believing the hype that he needed "help," he was placed in a treatment center. While in this so called treatment center, one that handles only boys, he began going through puberty and befriended one of the other boys, an 11 year old boy with a mild form of Tourette's syndrome. To make a long story short, he was discovered initiating a sexual encounter between himself and his new friend, and this encounter was caught on one of the security cameras at the facility.

The encounter was mutually consensual and the doctor who viewed the tape and talked to me about it, described the encounter as "tender, in fact I would say it appeared to be very loving and affectionate." Because this happened in a state run facility, the law was called in and became involved. And even though the police found that no crime had been committed, the Doctors labeled my son a sexual predator. My son is now in a different "treatment facility" that houses criminal offenders and the decision about when he comes home is no longer up to me. After the encounter I spent some time talking to my son and let him know that he did not do anything wrong and that straight, gay or bi made no difference to me, whatsoever -- I loved him unconditionally. However, with the problems he would face at this facility after being outed, the best thing to do would be to bring him home. This is when things become insane. My son's case worker had started court proceedings to have my son made a ward of the state, and forcibly took away my right to take my son home. Now understand, my son NEVER committed any kind of sex crime, but is now in a "treatment facility" for juvenile sex offenders in another state, and the other boy has also been forcibly removed from his parents and is in another facility. [...]

It is time we put a stop to this, right now the only option left to me is to try to play along with the state until I can get my son home and undo all of the damage done to him by this experience, and if I don't "toe the line" and do what they want me to do, I may never see my son out side a treatment center until he is 18 and can leave without the permission of these bastards.

source: 'My Son's Story'; Sent by email to NAMBLA;; January 2008