Nintendo censors outfits in Xenoblade Chronicles X

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We've learned (via NeoGAF) that it seems like Nintendo's western localization arm is on a roll when it comes to protecting the eyes of the innocent from underage polygons wearing skimpy clothes, as we've learned that yet another game has potentially been censored.

Featured above as well as below [see url], you can view some comparisons (via user Teikage) between the European and the Japanese versions of Lin, one of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The Japanese versions have the more revealing bikinis, while the European version has the more covered outfit. It's worth mentioning the character is 13 years old in the Japanese version, and reportedly 15 years old in the western localization.

source: Article 'Report: Nintendo Censors Outfits in Xenoblade Chronicles X' by Brandon Orselli;; Niche Gamer; 30 October 2015