Oral exhibitionist committed under new WA law

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Found guilty last Thursday of chewing with his mouth open, Roger Cud, 30, was committed by Judge Sandra Swallowfast to indefinite confinement at the Harborview Center for Eating Disorders, where he will undergo mandatory treatment. Cud, who has two earlier convictions under his belt for open-mouthed eating in public, is the first person committed under the Oral Predators Act, passed last year following a series of violent food crimes. The statute provides for potential life incarceration of repeat offenders. "For too long we've been giving perpetrators like Cud a smack on the lips, and when they finish their sentences, they're out on the street offending people again," says Michael Loo, a noted food abuse authority and author of Victims Ever After. [...]

Food abuse takes an especially hard toll on children, says Loo, flushing as he recalled one particularly tragic case: a boy only three years old. "The victim's teenage babysitter sadistically substituted soy formula with an entirely inappropriate concoction of strained carrots and beef," the therapist recounted. The child was so shaken, Loo says, that the only way he could cope was by appearing to enjoy the strained meals. Traumatized youngsters frequently travel along what experts call the "food chain" and grow up to become abusers themselves - unless professionals nip the problem in the bud. [...]

Harborview's psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and undertakers say that through such techniques hold great promise, their work is difficult. "Frankly, there's little glamour in dealing with this sort of clinical population," Chewell acknowledges. "Many of the inmates are in denial and don't even realize that what they did is wrong." Working at Harborview means sacrifices, Chewell admitted, gazing out his office door down a corridor of gray walls and locked steel gates. But he and his colleagues persevere. "I get satisfaction from pursuing the compassionate and loving mission of the helping professions by doing something for these sickies."

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