Paedophile party reports vandalism

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The paedophile party has complained to the police about politically motivated vandalism. Police confirmed on Thursday that the PNVD lodged a report about stones being thrown through the window of party chairman Marthijn Uittenbogaard on two occasions on Wednesday evening. The party, which objects to the 'paedophile' label, was founded earlier this year to campaign against the ban on adults having sex with children. Its members also want the legalisation of child porn.

The establishment of the party was greeted with an outcry in both the Netherlands and abroad. It hopes to field candidates in the general election on 22 November but it may not get enough public support to enable it to do so. Under the election law, the PNVD requires 570 signatures to run candidates in every constituency in the country. It had about 100 signatures at the beginning of September.

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