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Editors' Introduction: When You Change the Gender, Reality Changes Too - by Marjan Sax & Sjuul Deckwitz (p. 2)

Interview: Judith (p. 15)

Interview: Gisela Bleibtreu-Ehrenberg (p. 21)

Interview: Heidi (p. 27)

Interview: Martha Vicinus (p. 30)

A Crush on My Girl-Scout Leader - by Nora de Ronde (p. 37)

"Girl, It's Boobies You're Getting, No?" - by Gloria Wekker (p. 43)

Interview: Mimi (p. 49)

Feminism, Paedophilia, and Children's Rights - by Pat Califia (p. 53)

"The World Bursting with Adults, so I'm Always Glad to See a Little Girl" - by Theo Sandfort (p. 65)

The Domain of the Wandervogel Girls - by Marion De Ras (p. 76)

Sexual Revolution and the Liberation of Children. Interview Kate Millet - by Mark Blasius (p. 83)

Speaking Out on "Women/Girl Love" - Or, Lesbians Do "Do It" - by Beth Kelly (p. 86)

There Can be No Emancipation of Women Without the Emancipation of Children: The Kanalratten Manifesto (p. 92)

Film Review: Kung Fu Master (p. 94)

Contents of Volumes I and II (p. 99)

Journal as pdf-file: Paidika-08

source: Paidika - The Journal of Paedophilia, Volume 2, Number 4, Issue 8; Special Women's Issue; Edited by Marjan Sax & Sjuul Deckwitz; Winter 1992