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Bara: Of Death, Desire and Drumsticks - by Morris Fraser (p. 2)

Contemplation of the Unbearded: The Rubaiyyat of Awhadoddin Kermani - by Peter Lamborn Wilson (p. 13)

Poems from Rubaiyyat of Awhadoddin Kermani - Translated by B. Manuel Weischer and Peter Lamborn Wilson (p. 23)

On Boy-Love Paedophilia: Historical and Scientific Perspectives - by O. Brunoz (= pseudonym of Edward Brongersma) (p. 27)

Recent Legal Developments in The Netherlands - by Jan Schuijer (p. 64)

Book Notes (p. 72)

Book Reviews (p. 78)

An American Seafarer in the Age of Sail: The Erotic Diaries of Philip C. Van Buskirk 1851-1870 (p. 78)

First Do No Harm: The Sexual Abuse Industry (p. 79)

Contents of Volume III

Journal as pdf-file: Paidika-12

source: Paidika - The Journal of Paedophilia, Volume 3, Number 4, Issue 12; Winter 1995