Parents more worried about sex than violence in film, survey reveals

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A new survey has found that US parents are more concerned with their children seeing graphic sex than graphic violence in films. The 2015 Parents Ratings Advisory Study found that 80% of respondents are most worried about films that contain graphic sex scenes compared with 64% who worry about graphic violence. More than half of parents are unhappy with the use of the F-word in PG-13 movies. The survey was commissioned by the Classification and Rating Administration (Cara) to see if their decisions aligned with what parents thought appropriate. [...]

The study also found the top concerns to be full male nudity (72%), the use of hard drugs (70%), full female nudity (70%), marijuana use (59%), horror violence (59%), non-graphic sex scenes (57%), suggestive sexual innuendo (57%) and partial nudity (47%).

source: Article 'Parents more worried about sex than violence in film, survey reveals' by Benjamin Lee;; The Guardian; 4 December 2015