Pedophile Web site shut down - Content violated host's standards

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Local police have investigated the site but have found nothing illegal on it. The man behind the site is Jack McClellan, 45. Network Solutions and the Bellingham Police Department confirmed his name, which he also stated to a reporter Thursday after previously providing a false name. McClellan said he lives near Arlington with his parents [...] "I'm kind of freaked out about all the hysteria this has caused in the last few days. I'm more paranoid than ever," he said.

[Reaction by 'B' on this article:] Well, the folks at The Bellingham Herald have struck a blow against free speech and against civil rights. I hope y'all are proud of yourselves.

source: Article 'Pedophile Web site shut down - Content violated host's standards';; The Bellingham Herald; 30 March 2007