Pedophilia, the Internet and the law

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The real more general problem [compared to pedophilia] is the excessive power that parents have over their children, beginning with their desire to mold them in a certain image (generally narcissistic) and then in controlling their wayward behavior. [...]

Empowering younger people should be a libertarian issue. More than once I've argued that the Libertarian Party should advocate extending the vote to twelve-year olds (if only to get their political attention and perhaps loyalty before others do). It follows that anyone old enough to vote should be old enough to purchase alcohol and decide about sex. [...] I'm also old enough to recall when adult homosexuality was regarded as universally despised - even among putatively enlightened people, much as pedophilia is now, and been libertarian long enough to recall that an early presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party was gay. That historical perspective makes me wonder whether general attitudes about intergenerational sex might change as well. Remember that general libertarian principle that no voluntary sexual act between consenting adults is objectionable. This gets us back to the question for which there is no firm numerical answer - what is the age of consent? Beyond puberty, which is medically measurable, only individuals can decide. [...]

Similarly, the anti-pedophiles are exploiting a negligible fear for comprehensive agendas that are Luddite and authoritarian. [...] Are anti-pedophilia activists going to campaign to get the state to forbid American teens the access to the Internet? I think that is finally the motive behind their criticisms. Can you imagine anything more economically and culturally subversive? Anything more likely to incite unnecessary generational revolution?

source: Article 'Pedophilia, the Internet and the Law' by Richard Kostelanetz;; Serf City; Vol. 3 Issue 1; Serf City is published periodically by the Manhattan Libertarian Party; 2007