Porn panic! - Sex and censorship in the UK

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Anti-sex feminism necessarily painted women who appeared in pornography as helpless victims. But to make this claim, they had to attack a fundamental tenet of feminism: the importance of consent in all matters sexual. Now they were claiming that a woman could never consent to appear in pornography; they were implying that unlike men, but like children, women were incapable of making such choices for themselves. This infantilisation of women by anti-porn feminists appeared to undermine the key things that second-wave feminism had fought for: female autonomy, and equal rights. Because all porn was considered to be abusive, women could have no right to agree to participate. Of this attitude, the author Sallie Tisdale wrote [Nadine Strossen, Defending Pornography, p145]: "What a misogynistic worldview this is, this claim that women who make such choices cannot be making free choices at all... Feminists against pornography have done a sad and awful thing: They have made women into objects.

source: From the book 'Porn Panic! - Sex and Censorship in the UK' by Jerry Barnett; Zero Books; Winchester, UK / Washington, USA; 2016