Professor debunks theories on sex deviants

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Traditional theories on sexual offending have been debunked as "totally erroneous" in a research paper released by a leading European psychiatrist. Dr. Ales Kolarsky told a Melbourne conference on psychiatry, psychology, and the law yesterday it was wrong to assume sex offenders had low self-esteem, lacked emotional maturity and were anti-social.

The Czechoslovakian psychiatrist delivered the research paper based on his 30 years' experience with sexual offenders and sexual deviants at the Psychiatric Hospital in Prague. Citing the example of one pedophile, he said: "He is superior to ordinary men in dealing with children - it has been noted pedophiles make good teachers." "In relation to children, their social skills are not deficient. Their ability to assume a parental role is good - in this respect no trace of emotional immaturity exists," he said. [...]

source: Article 'Professor Debunks Theories on Sex Deviants'; The Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia; 24 November 1990