Remembering a lost soul: Omni

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Now if you don't visit VOA at all, then you probably didn't know that this young man sadly took his life on Valentine's Day. This is a young man who fought for the rights of paedophiles on Youtube for a short while, who was also an active paedophile which granted him dealings with law enforcement. He shot himself in his home on Valentine's Day. (I have gotten the news from a friend.) Now I postponed writing this, since it is emotional for me considering I have known Omni before his YouTube channel, and I dealt with another friend's suicide but ended up finding out it was all a lie, (I got it mixed up with omni's death) moving to America, and familial problems. It is just depressing to see a young activist take his own life due to society & bigotry, and it is a shame that this is hidden away, laughed at, or even worse glorified by 'child protectors.' Omni wasn't exactly a good person in real life, there are things he did that just wouldn't look good in his record & him as a person that didn't revolve around sex crimes, but he did genuinely care about the rights of kids & MAPs. May he rest in piece. I was thinking of collabing the videos of me and him chatting, showing the funny, serious, and even weird moments we had over Skype. (I will make it at a later date though, need a new computer.)

Note: there has been a person posting as omnipolitics, which i believe is a fake alias some sick person made. (Omni had a wordpress account.)

[Comment by Nuck ROC: He was 16 when he was a pro contact Youtuber, almost 18 when he killed himself.]

source: 'Remembering a lost soul: [photograph of 'Omni']' by 'Nuck ROC';; Infosurrection; 16 March 2018