Revealed: flood of Twitter users back paedophilia

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Twitter is being flooded with accounts promoting paedophilia - and although the company says it is "aggressively taking action", many of the users remain on the site. A Sunday Times investigation has found a string of accounts on Twitter that seek to normalise, promote and defend adults having sexual relationships with children. Some post with the hashtags #maps and #nomaps. "Maps" stands for for "minor attracted person", while "Nomaps" stands for "non-offending minor attracted person" and is used by those who claim they do not act on their attraction to children. [...]

Yet it was only after The Sunday Times asked about a paedophilia-promoting account on Friday that the site suspended it. This user, some of whose pro-paedophilia posts had remained on Twitter for at least four days, had written: "The vast majority of children who engage in consensual sex are not damaged and are far more likely to consider it a positive or beneficial experience . . . Manipulating a child into believing they were 'molested' during sex-ed {sex education} is called brainwashing." The user also defended pornography involving minors: "Just a reminder that not all CP {child porn} involves children being abused." While this user's account is now blocked, there are still others defending paedophiles on the site. One user posted: "People, there is zero (0, zilch, zip) evidence that a paedophile who hasn't abused a child will 'succumb to their urges' and offend someday. It's COMPLETELY a myth."

source: Article 'Revealed: flood of Twitter users back paedophilia' by Rosamund Urwin;;; The Sunday Times; 6 January 2019