Reviving and redefining pederasty

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The Stonewall riots were precipitated by an incident involving an underage drag queen, yet that detail was not viewed as significant. Curtis Price, a fourteen-year-old, self-described "radical hustler," formed the first gay liberation group in Baltimore. Many of the leaders of early gay liberation and the founders of the major gay groups in the U.S. were boy-lovers. [...]

A surprising number of the wives and girlfriends are aware of their partners' other relationships. One man in Baltimore whom I have known more than twenty years is happily married to his wife, has teenaged children of his own, carries on long-term sexual relations with two men from his original scene, and sometimes picks up teenaged boys. His wife knows all about this and often attends social functions (picnics, Christmas parties) of the ongoing man/boy scene. Children of the "boys" will sometimes be made aware of the nature of their father's relationship with the older men, and sometimes the sons (and even grandsons) may eventually participate in the scene. Even children who do not choose to participate sexually will often relate positively to the scene and involve themselves in its social activities.

source: Article 'Reviving and Redefining Pederasty' by Tom Reeves; From the book 'Varieties of Man/Boy Love - Modern Western Contexts'; Edited by Mark Pascal; NAMBLA Journal 8; Wallace Hamilton Press, New York; 1992