Sex with the young

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Madonna's fantasies [In her book 'Sex' (1992) she describes her erotic fantasies.] even extend to "the young". "Sex with the young," she writes, ["]can be fun if you're in the mood.... It can be really arousing. One of the best experiences I ever had was with a teenage boy. I think he was a virgin. He hardly had any pubic hair.... He lived in my building and he used to come over to my apartment all the time.... Then one day his parents kicked him out of his apartment and he wanted to know if he could spend the night at my house. I told him he could but I only had one bed. So we both got in it and I couldn't sleep, so I had sex with him and it was really awesome because he was so young and in wonderment of it all.... He wasn't very big. He was just a baby. See, I'm not a size queen.["]

She also fantasizes her first masturbation: ["]When I was a child I used to sit on the toilet backward and wait for the burning sensation between my legs to go away. I did not understand that if only my finger had found its way to my pussy the aching would have subsided.... That the wetness of my underpants had nothing to do with my mother overdressing me. But as a child I did mot have the words to ask, so I stayed on fire and burning, tormented and yearning, until that glorious day when finger found flesh and with legs spread open and back arched, honey poured from my 14-year-old gash and I wept.["]

source: Article 'Madonna's [sic] Sends Positive Messages about "Sex" for Restrictive Times' Uncommon Desires Newsletter, Number Nine; December 1992-January 1993; Quote originally from the book 'Sex' by Madonna; 1992