Teen boom boom-what?

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Twelve-year-old Jenna Rose released a second song, OMG [...]. But this time, instead of warbling on about a trivial wardrobe crisis, she disturbingly portrays herself as a so-called "Teen Boom Boom Doll." The craze of fame-seeking, Bieber-imitating, overzealous teenagers is all right as long as a certain line isn't crossed. Jenna Rose, however, has crossed that line. In the video, Rose is dancing provocatively to lyrics that say, "You know that you want to/You know that you need to/It will last longer for you." Did I mention she's 12? The lyrics continue: "Oh my God, she looks good/Oh my God, you know you wish you could." Did I mention how 12 she is?

source: Article 'Teen Boom Boom-What?' by Elias A. Shaaya; www.thecrimson.com/article/2011/5/6/lyrics-video-such-song/; The Harvard Crimson; 6 May 2011