The assessment and treatment of paedophilia

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If the paedophiliac interest at the level of fantasy and therapeutic interventions do not appear to be affective in modifying them, one treatment option that remains is to help the patient to accept their fantasies - so long as they continue to be fulfilling to him and do not affect others. A last consideration might be to recommend those whose motivation for change is minimal to move to an environment e.g. parts of Morocco and Turkey, where legal and social constraints against non-coercive paedophiliac practices are less extreme than in our own society.

source: Article 'The assessment and treatment of paedophilia' by Maurice Yaffé (Senior Clinical Psychologist, York Clinic, Guys Hospital); From the book 'Perspectives on Paedophilia' edited by Brian Taylor (Lecturer in Sociology, University of Sussex); Batsford Academic and Educational Ltd; 1981